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Story: Marshall County Life Center

The Sponsor

The Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (“MCEDC”) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the economic development of Marshall County, Indiana. The Marshall County Community Foundation (MCCF) supports new and existing programs of nonprofit organizations through grant distributions and provides numerous scholarship opportunities for those seeking to pursue educational opportunities. The United Way of Marshall County aims to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good.

The Project

Broadstreet committed $5 million of LISC’s New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocation, with Capital One as the investor, to build a new 45,000 square foot facility consisting of two components: an early childhood learning center and a community health & wellness facility. The project also includes a swimming pool to be used for aquatic rehabilitation and recreation and office space for the United Way Marshall County (UWMC) and Marshall County Community Foundation. The project brings critical services to the rural community, which is federally designated as both a food desert and a medically underserved area.

Impact Statistics

  • $5 M Broadstreet NMTC Allocation
  • 24 Permanent Jobs Created
  • 153 Students Served Annually

The Impact

In Marshall County, 41.7% of children are living in poverty. Of the county’s two-parent, low-income households, virtually none have both partners working in full-time positions. Of those families with only one adult, only 11.1% of the adults work full-time year-round. The United Way and the Foundation explored how best to lift these children and families out of poverty, concluding that three main barriers exist for low-income persons to work full-time: quality affordable childcare, access to job training and placement services, and transportation. The Center works to address each.

The Learning Center conducts community outreach to provide job training and workforce development services. Additionally, the Growing Kids Plymouth Childcare Corporation (GKLC) provides affordable childcare services with expanded hours to offer flexibility to working parents, as well as those seeking job training and employment services. In 2021, 153 children were enrolled at GKLC.

The Wellness Center is jointly operated by the City of Plymouth, Plymouth Community School Corporation and Ancilla College. Community members can use the facility at an affordable membership rate, while both the school district and the college use the facility for athletic programs and student-body wellness.